Effective Revitalization

Shelter Corporation has effectively acquired and repositioned numerous multi-family and senior living rental properties across the United States. Proficient in research, strategic improvements, price adjustments, and marketing, Shelter Corporation principals have proven they can effectively revitalize and manage a variety of residential real estate, delivering value to investors and communities through comprehensive market knowledge and intuitive financing.

Understanding Market Nuances
Market research is integral to our operations. Shelter Corporation specializes in analyzing demographics, economics, the political climate, building trends, pricing patterns and other factors to grasp the nuances of each housing market and maximize performance. While we possess broad knowledge of our existing markets, including Minnesota, Texas, and Florida, our process allows us to thoroughly analyze new markets just as effectively.

Managing Intricate Financing
Shelter Corporation’s ability to assemble innovative financing from diverse public and private funding sources is drawn from our debt and equity experience. Debt financing has included tax-exempt revenue bonds, institutional joint ventures, government (public) financing, participating mortgages and commercial loans.


Generated over $795M in developments and acquisitions
Over 14,000 units developed or acquired