Shelter Corporation


Opening Doors for Families, Seniors, Employees, and Investors

Shelter Corporation is a real estate development company headquartered in the Twin Cities and founded by Lynn Carlson Schell in 1993. Shelter Corporation brings innovative ideas, exceptional value, and strong partnerships to each of its constituencies — opening the door to new opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. For families, seniors, and individuals, Shelter provides clean, attractive, well-managed, well-located apartments and senior communities — opening the door to gracious, dignified living. For investors and community partners, Shelter opens the door to partnership and profit, delivering sensitive community development and strong bottom line results.


Executive Team

Meet the team leading Shelter Corporation to succeed in the real estate management industry for over 25 years.


Maria Demmer

Chief Operating Officer

Dana Lorentson

Dana Lorentson

Vice President of Regulatory Compliance

Penny Kissinger

Director of Human Resources

Keely Perrizo

Keely Perrizo

Senior Regional Director

Jennifer Morales

Regional Director

Cindy Kramm

Regional Director

Tiki Oswald

Regional Manager

Matt Shatek

Regional Maintenance Director