Asset Management

At Shelter Corporation we understand an owner's expectations, because we are owners ourselves. 

We have a dedicated staff with clearly delineated responsibilities. This division of labor ensures quick and efficient service to our residents and eliminates redundancies in staff. Management services we offer but are not limited to are:



We create comprehensive monthly financial reports and analysis for owners, leaders, and partners ranging from detailed marketing, traffic, and rent comparable analysis to property operating statements, budget comparisons, cash management and financial forecasting.

Customer Service

We try to provide the best customer service through the whole leasing cycle from applications, move-ins, inspections, work orders, renewals to move outs. Our team here recognizes that good communication is essential to establishing and maintaining positive resident relations.


Shelter has a fully integrated operating and accounting system, which provides cost-effective business and financial management solutions. We provide real-time information, including a package of solutions designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance resident satisfaction.


Our corporate and on-site management staff is dedicated to improve value through revenue enhancement. This is achieved through close monitoring of rental rates, occupancy, marketing, collections, and utility billing.


Shelter tailors the advertising and marketing for each market and individual community. From high-end luxury, to affordable garden apartments, to communities with layered income and rental restrictions.


We have developed a maintenance program that provides efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining our apartment communities. Providing on-call after hours personnel to respond to site emergencies to ensure resident satisfaction.


We hold a team dedicated to providing perfect audits and ensure compliance with all requirements under loan and financing documents. While training staff on bond, tax credit, safe harbor, MARIF, HOME, and other guidelines and requirements we are able to maintain our high expectations.

Human Resources

 We have a dedicated team committed to providing leading Real Estate Management. Recruiting the ideal candidates which can maintain and develop optimal operating procedures. Shelter Corporation complies with all federal and state laws covering all aspects of HR.


Let us help you!

Shelter Corporation is always looking to speak with interested owners to see if we can form a strong partnership.


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